Happy 2019!

Where did 2018 go? It seems like it just sped past while I was napping. Well, most of it at least. Some parts were pretty memorable.

  • 2018 started with me getting the Flu. I don’t remember much of that week, there was much sleeping, possibly some whining.
  • March brought with it our 25th wedding anniversary! My husband, who rarely does anything romantic, pulled off a lovely evening of surprises. There was the special Spotify playlist playing in the truck, dinner at a really cute Japanese restaurant (a first for both of us), and a gorgeous silver heartshaped pendant to top it off.
  • May my Mom gave me a heart attack and ended up having emergency surgery. I learned more about wound packing, and ostomies than I ever expected to know. All good now, no permanent damage done.
  • July, my husband rescued a starving, flea infested, too young to be away from mom, stray kitten. She weighed less than half a pound at the time. She is now a seven pound terror bouncing off the walls at about 5-6 months old. Oh, and we thought she was a he, but surprise!
  • August, I decided I wanted to learn to knit! four months later I have made 3 dishclothes, and I’m working on a cowl. We aren’t going to discuss how much yarn I have accumulated.
  • September, my husband got a LONG awaited and MUCH deserved promotion!! Yay!!
  • November was great, my kids came for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t seen my oldest daughter since her sister’s wedding 2 years prior. They brought my granddaughter too, it was a lovely week. I also participated in the Extra Life campaign, my tailbone is still angry about that 24 hours in a cheap desk chair.
  • Christmas was low key, but still nice. Having two weeks of hubby on leave, just chilling. No alarm clocks, no schedule.
  • Happy New Year! This is his last day of leave. And our sleep schedules are all sorts of screwed up, hence my writing this at nearly 6am without having been to bed yet!

2018 wasn’t a bad year, all in all. 2019 will hopefully be a little slower. I intend to do things better than last year.

  • I want to get back to my DDP Yoga program, I’d like to be in better shape and I was having great results with it before I got off track.
  • I want to complete at least 6 knitting projects. Big or small, doesn’t matter.
  • I’ll be doing Extra Life again!
  • I’ll be attempting to do more with my hair, face and nails because it makes me feel good, and I’ve ben really lazy about it.

That’s as close to resolutions as I’m going to get. Hopefully this time next year I can link back to this post and check them off.

Happy New Year All!


Blaugust Reborn started on August 1st, and I missed the first two days! But I have an excellent excuse! On Tuesday, I received a text from my husband. They had spent two days trying to catch this poor starving stray kitten, finally caught him, and did I want him. Well how could I say no? I mean look at that face!

20180802_161441Could you say no? I thought not. When he arrived, he was toting some fleas, weighed not even a pound, and we can see or feel every. single. little. bone. in his body. His hind legs had scabs from trying to get into or out of somewhere, one of his front toenails is scabbed up and missing. Honestly, this little guy shouldn’t even be alive after going without food, and being out in the hot southern sun.

But clearly, he’s a badass. We can only guess his age. He can eat on his own, and use the litterbox, play wasn’t on his resume when we found him but he’s starting now with pouncing and chasing his tail. We are estimating he’s between 5 and 6 weeks.

He likes headbutts and snuggles. He loved the dog initially, but now has realized she’s a DOG and he’s a CAT so he hisses and growls at her. It must make him feel tough that he scares the 40 pound dog. Older Cat is still in a snit, but making progress. He’ll now let me pet him when my hands smell like the baby. Prior, he hissed and swatted at me, followed by just looking utterly offended that my hands smelled like betrayal. A little bribery with catnip and treats with kitten smell on my hands has improved that situation. He just won’t come downstairs.

So it’s been a hectic two days of Dawn baths, kitty aggro management, cuddles, and some gaming squeezed in where possible. But I swore I was going to get back to blogging, and do Blaugust, because Blogging is not dead! Regardless of the fact that I haven’t done so since March Smile with tongue out


Bonus Kitty Pic! His name is Alpha!